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To​ spread​ chuckling​ and​ happiness​ into​ the​ lives​ of​ couples​ living​ with​ infertility,​ In 2007,​ renowned​ IVF​ Specialist​ Dr.​ ​Akash​ ​Sharma​ (Chairman)​ ​& ​Dr.​ Sarita (Medical​ Director)​​ founded​ Adam​ & Eve​ Test​ Tube​ Baby​ & fertility​ Centre​ with​ a positive​ vision​ & commitment​ to​ provide​ highly​ advanced​ and​ innovative​ fertility treatments​ to​ outweigh​ the​ pessimism​ from​ couples​ with​ sterility​ and​ fill​ their​ lap​ with Joy.

Since​ its​ genesis​ year,​ Adam​ & Eve​ has​ brought​ the​ silver​ line​ in​ the​ lives​ of​ many childless​ couples​ from​ all​ over​ the​ India.​ Through​ our​ patient-centric​ approach​ with the​ help​ of​ the​ spirited​ and​ stalwart​ team​ of​ super-specialists,​ Adam​ & Eve​ has helped​ more​ than​ 800​ couples​ live​ their​ most​ disearable​ dream​ by​ blessing​ them with​ their​ own​ bundle​ of​ joy.

Our​ pioneer​ center​ is​  well​ equipped​ with​ latest​ technology​ and​ implements to​ assist​ the​ process​ of​ reproduction​ in​ the​ best​ possible​ way.​ Bearing​ in​ mind​ all​ the elements​ & factors​ to​ achieve​ safe​ and​ healthy​ pregnancy.​ Here,​ we​ work​ in​ the direction​ to​ let​ couples​ experience​ the​ feeling​ of​ parenthood​ and​ give​ a new​ angle​ to their​ dreams​ and​ give​ angel-face​ in​ their​ lap​ after​ nine​ months.

Our​ biggest​ achievement​ is​ our​ success​ rate​ that​ is​ amongst​ the​ higher​ pregnancy rate.​ Achieving​ pregnancy​ in​ the​ first​ attempt​ not​ only​ brings​ happiness​ but​ also reduces​ the​ cost.​ Here,​ Patients​ are​ considered​ to​ be​ our​ priority​ and​ given​ special​ & individual​ care​ and​ an​ easy​ going​ & friendly​ environment​ with​ full​ satisfactory consultation​ session​ to​ our​ specialists.​ Our​ specialists​ Dr.​ Akash​ Sharma​ & Dr. Sarita​ are​ always​ with​ the​ smile​ on​ their​ face​ to​ assist​ the​ couples​ with​ infertility
issues​ and​ treatments.​ They​ individually​ have​ words​ with​ the​ couples,​ execute researches​ on​ their​ issues,​ guides​ them​ to​ experience​ the​ new​ phase​ of​ life. Adam​ & Eve​ Test​ Tube​ Baby​ & Fertility​ Centre​ is​ located​ at​ the​ most​ prominent location​ in​ Noida.​ One​ can​ easily​ schedule​ an​ appointment​ with​ us.​ Our​ experts​ are available​ round​ the​ clock​ to​ entertain​ our​ patient’s​ queries​ regarding​ treatment.

Never ignore your ​inner voice because ​hopes are the ​air to turn dreams into reality.

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