IVF Failure

A world leader in IVF treatment

Being the pioneer and trusted center when it comes to IVF, in the past 22 years we have solved multiple infertility problems through IVF treatment.
Adam & Eve Test Tube Baby and Fertility Centre specializes in the successful treatment of childless couples with multiple previous failed IVF cycles.
We helped hundreds of couple who had no hope left for IVF treatments. At Adam & Eve Test Tube Baby and Fertility center, they successfully conceived through IVF and delivered healthy babies.
The trusted IVF center worldwide
The success rate is almost 50 percent and we have successfully treated the most difficult cases. For instance, pregnancy was achieved in the couples who were married for 20-30 years and went through multiple failed IVF cycles.
However, at our center, they achieved pregnancy for the first time through the treatment.

Multiple failed IVF could be frustrating for anybody, the reasons behind the IVF failure could be any of the following:

Failure of implantation
Age factor
Poor quality of egg or sperm
Poor endometrium
Multiple unexplained reasons

What different to expect from our center?

We have become a referral center for the most difficult cases and have been successfully treated these cases since years now. Out of the experiences of handling such cases, one thing is sure no couple should be disheartened by the failed IVF and hesitate to try again and it is highly recommended to continue with the infertility treatments.

Due to our accuracy and experience in handling such cases, we have achieved excellent success rate. We could achieve better success in India as we can implant more number of embryos here. However, in UK and Australia, the law of land permits limited number of embryo implantation.

Most patients with failed IVF also have PCOD and in other centers doctors often end up super ovulating the patients fearing the danger of Ovarian hyperstimulation (OHSS). This results is poor quality of egg formed and a failed IVF.

How we deal with the danger of OHSS?

Our unique technique helped us prevent OHSS in PCOD patients successfully. We carefully examine each and every follicle during egg retrieval and remove and flush it completely using double lumen needle.

Removal of these follicular cells helps us in achieving success of IVF with the patient with history of PCOD in them.

Other treatment options are:

  • Surrogacy
  • Adjuvant therapy (accupuncture, yoga etc)
  • Fertility enhancing endoscopy
  • Immune Therapy( LIT)
  • Donor options ( sperm/egg/ embryo)
  • Perform an Embryo
  • Changing protocols

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