Surrogacy In India

India is becoming very famous destination for surrogacy all around the world because of economical surrogacy treatment in India. India also offers low cost advanced facilities with latest technology and super specialized team of highly experienced doctors, which attract a lot of medical tourism in general and surrogacy in particular.

The cost of surrogacy in India is lower as compared to any other countries.
Many countries such as:- USA, UK, AUSTRALIA where the procedure of surrogacy can cost $45000-$60000 or more. The fees for the remaining process including lawyer, agencies, fertility clinics cost more than the fee.

Gestational surrogacy

Gestational surrogacy is complicated medical procedure and cost more than traditional surrogacy.

India’s legislation in respect to surrogacy is limited as compared to other global countries. Indian clinics charge $10000-$30000 for the complete package including fertilization, the surrogacy fee and delivery of the baby.

Surrogacy cycle

When IVF is done for one cycle, couple of embryos get transferred and then sometime there is a chance that we might get the frozen embryos. In case the first cycle fails we go for frozen embryo transfer. So, there is a chance that IVF can be done in multiple cycle. Here the main point is that in India, most of the clinics usually offer packages to couples that come for surrogacy. Packages like 1 IVF cycle of fresh transfer and 2-3 frozen embryos or 3 IVF cycle and 6 frozen embryos were given.

All these packages come at very low cost when we compare the cost of surrogacy packages in other countries.

Surrogates may be relatives or close friends. The agencies helps complexity of medical and legal aspects involved.

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