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Leading​ IVF​ centre​ –Noida

Adam​ & Eve​ Test​ tube​ baby​ and​ fertility​ centre​ is​ leading​ IVF​ centre​ of​ Noida.​ It’s​ a beautiful​ & clean​ set-up​ at​ prime​ location.​ Highly​ experienced​ Infertility​ specialist​ Dr.Sarita​ and​ chief​ embryologist​ Dr.​ Akash​ Sharma​ work​ for​ an​ excellent​ outcome​ at this​ centre.​ This​ excellent​ outcome​ helps​ us​ to​ lead​ in​ this​ field.

Highly​ ethical​ and​ transparent​ professional​ service
Adam​ & Eve​ test​ tube​ baby​ and​ fertility​ centre​ is​ following​ highest​ standard​ of​ ethics by​ adopting​ all​ ICMR​ guidelines.​ We​ provide​ comprehensive​ fertility​ care​ with​ latest technology​ in​ the​ cost​ effective​ way​ with​ an​ ethical​ and​ transparent​ environment.

We​ are​ proven
It​ was​ ten​ years​ back​ when​ Adam​ & Eve​ Test​ Tube​ Baby​ and​ Fertility​ centre​ have started​ the​ journey​ to​ bring​ a resolution​ and​ awareness​ in​ our​ society​ We​ did​ hard work​ to​ provide​ a world​ class​ and​ comfortable​ treatment​ Moreover​ its​ give​ us​ a wonderful​ feeling​ that​ more​ than​ 2000​ families​ are​ happy​ with​ their​ kids.

State​ of​ the​ ART​ facilities
Adam​ & Eve​ Test​ Tube​ Baby​ and​ Fertility​ Centre​ has​ state​ of​ the​ art​ facilities​ for​ In Vitro​ Fertilization(IVF),Intra​ Cytoplasmic​ Sperm​ Injection(ICSI),​ Laser​ Assisted Hatching(LAH),​ Embryo​ Cryopreservation​ and​ a fully​ functional​ Andrology Laboratory​ for​ diagnostic​ and​ therapeutic​ tests.​ Our​ Lab​ is​ well​ equipped​ with​ latest &​ innovative​ techniques​ and​ equipments.​ We​ are​ following​ high​ standard​ of​ lab maintaining​ protocol.

High​ Success​ Rate
This​ is​ the​ most​ important​ chapter​ of​ In​ Vitro​ Fertilization.​ After​ investing​ so​ much money​ & time,​ infertile​ couple​ have​ only​ one​ thing-Hope​ of​ success​ rate​ of concerned​ IVF​ clinic.​ Adam​ & Eve​ Test​ Tube​ Baby​ and​ Fertility​ Centre​ is​ providing high​ success​ rates​ from​ last​ 10​ years.​ Our​ success​ rates​ are​ more​ than​ 81% average​ for​ 3 cycles​ of​ IVF.

High​ quality​ Egg​ & Sperm​ donor
Egg​ & Sperm​ donation​ are​ the​ type​ of​ fertility​ treatment​ used​ to​ help​ couples​ to conceive.​ We​ select​ donors​ very​ carefully.​ Fit​ & Healthy,​ screened​ out​ for​ specific infectious​ disease​ or​ any​ identified​ history​ of​ genetic​ disorders.​ All​ donors​ are​ tested for​ routine​ & specific​ blood​ tests.​ We​ check​ every​ specimen​ of​ semen​ by​ ourselves. Embryos​ are​ evaluated​ before​ transfer​ of​ each​ patient.

Affordable​ cost​ for​ treatment
We​ at​ Adam​ & Eve​ Test​ Tube​ Baby​ and​ Fertility​ Centre​ understand​ the​ financial​ & emotional​ burden​ caused​ by​ the​ inability​ to​ conceive​ a child.​ That​ is​ why​ we​ are providing​ a result​ oriented​ IVF​ treatment​ with​ high​ success​ rate,​ and​ moreover​ with an​ affordable​ cost​ We​ never​ compromise​ with​ quality​ of​ treatment​ offered.​ Now​ we are​ offering​ not​ only​ IVF,​ IUI​ and​ ICSI​ at​ affordable​ cost​ but​ Surrogacy​ & Donor​ Egg also​ with​ desire​ result​ that​ was​ never​ so​ affordable​ before.​ Our​ aim​ is​ to​ help​ every infertile​ couple​ of​ our​ country​ and​ as​ well​ as​ of​ other​ countries.

Easy​ destination​ – Noida
Our​ centre​ is​ situated​ at​ the​ heart​ of​ Noida.​ Sector​ 22,​ Noida​ is​ accessible​ from​ all the​ routes​ by​ road,​ metro​ and​ taxis.​ The​ centre​ is​ located​ at​ Sector12-22​ T-point.​ It is​ a famous​ landmark​ of​ Noida.Noida​ is​ the​ best​ developed​ part​ of​ National​ Capital​ Region​ of​ India.​ This​ city​ is famous​ for​ its​ wide​ roads,​ excellent​ maintenance,​ big​ parks,​ infrastructure​ and modern​ lifestyle​ Connectivity​ of​ this​ city​ is​ very​ easy.​ It​ has​ been​ attached​ with​ three major​ expressways​ like​ Noida-Greater​ Noida​ expressway,​ Yamuna​ Expressway (Noida-Agra),​ DND​ Flyway​ (Noida-Delhi).

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