Embryo Donation

Embryo donation for fertility treatment

Fertility treatment through donated embryo is very successful in order to give birth to a healthy baby. In this procedure, a donor donates an embryo that is implanted in the patient’s uterus to create the pregnancy.
Though the baby genetically belongs to the egg and sperm donors it grows inside you and gets your behavior, looks and all other qualities that a genetic child will absorb.

As a mother, you will love, breastfeed and communicate with your baby as any normal mother would do. Legally also you will not have to go through the adoption process to adopt the child of genetically different parents.
The bond you would share with your baby will be same as you will share if you will give birth to your own biological child.

Socially, as parents, you will get more privacy about your child’s different genes as compared to the adopted child.

What standard do we maintain for embryo donation?

If the embryo donor is a fertility patient, we never use their embryos to prevent any fertility problem in your child in the future.

The egg used for embryo donation is fresh and we always take from our young professional donors those who are pre-scanned properly.

Similarly, we use high quality sperms taken from pre-scanned donors.
The screening procedure for the potential egg and sperm donors is very stringent. We only accept less than 25 percent applicants.

Embryo adoption process

At Adam & Eve Test Tube Baby and Fertility, the donor and recipient are not known to each other. We strictly follow anonymous embryo donation program. As we already mentioned that we use fresh egg for the embryo hence fresh donation cycle takes place where the menstruation cycle of the donor and recipient are coordinated.
The donor is chosen by the recipient. We start the medication of the recipient to prepare their endometrial lining for receiving the donor’s embryo.

Alongside the donor gets the injection for egg retrieval. All eggs receive frozen sperms of the donor selected by the recipient. The embryo developed with these fresh eggs and frozen sperm gets implanted to the recipient uterus.

The donors of the eggs and sperms both get screened for a series of infectious diseases.
The success rate of embryo donation at Adam & Eve Test Tube Baby and Fertility is high which goes up to 70 percent.

If the recipient is not from Delhi, they are requested to be in Delhi for 5-6 days only, of which they need to come to our clinic on a day prior to the egg retrieval and leave the next day after the embryo implantation.

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