Not​ only​ Dr​ Sarita​ is​ a proficient​ ivf​ doctor​ but​ she​ is​ warm,​ inviting​ and​ encouraging too.​ This​ is​ the​ factor​ that​ motivates​ patients​ to​ achieve​ their​ child​ dream​ despite different​ odds.
Mrs Yasmin
Being​ an​ infertility​ patient​ I believe​ result​ matter​ the​ most​ for​ any​ doctor​ and​ this​ is what​ Dr​ Sarita​ has​ done​ consistently.
Mrs. Rubina
The​ ivf​ doctor​ like​ Dr​ Sarita​ could​ only​ perform​ and​ extract​ miraculous​ result.​ While other​ infertility​ doctor​ gave​ me​ thumbs​ down,​ Dr​ Sarita​ treated​ us​ until​ I get pregnant.
Mrs Teena David
If​ I am​ not​ treated​ by​ Dr​ Sarita,​ I could​ hardly​ think​ of​ becoming​ pregnant.​ It​ was​ her extraordinary​ effort​ that​ provide​ baby​ in​ my​ lap.
Mrs Praveena
I​ am​ truly​ blessed​ that​ my​ infertility​ problem​ is​ satisfyingly​ treated​ by​ Dr​ Sarita.​ I am a​ blessed​ mother​ of​ a baby​ now​ which​ is​ only​ possible​ with​ her​ effort​ now.
Mrs. Veena
As​ a patient,​ mostly​ we​ worried​ about​ the​ outcome​ of​ the​ treatment​ done​ by​ doctor. In​ this​ regard​ Dr​ Sarita​ is​ highly​ admirable​ as​ she​ truly​ works​ to​ get​ positive​ result and​ fulfils​ our​ baby​ dream.
Mrs Diksha Bhatia
Success​ or​ failure​ is​ of​ the​ treatment​ is​ largely​ depend​ on​ the​ quality​ of​ doctor.​ With sheer​ incense​ Dr​ Sarita​ turns​ things​ in​ patient’s​ favour.
Mrs Samiksha
Providing​ appropriate​ treatment​ is​ the​ primary​ objectives​ of​ Dr​ Sarita’s​ clinic.​ She​ is an​ expert​ infertility​ doctor​ who​ has​ an​ ability​ to​ explain​ our​ options​ as​ well​ as​ the statistical​ likelihood​ of​ success​ with​ various​ options.
Mrs Suman
Finding​ the​ right​ infertility​ doctor​ is​ a tough​ job.​ However​ Dr​ Sarita​ is​ the​ end-search of​ ivf​ doctor​ that​ provides​ miraculous​ result​ and​ take​ extreme​ care​ of​ patients.
Mrs Mamta Chopra
I​ would​ like​ to​ “thank​ you”​ Dr.​ Sarita​ from​ the​ bottom​ of​ my​ heart,​ thank​ you​ so​ much for​ all​ your​ care​ & concerns​ before​ and​ during​ the​ infertility​ treatment​ process &​ for the​ fantastic​ delivery​ of​ my​ healthy​ baby​ boy.
Mrs Anjana


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